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Socotran fig  ranks among the most impressive and attractive of the large member sf the genus Ficus. This fig used to be a full species and is now considered just a  variation of  the more widely distributed Ficus vasta. Our original stock plant was said to have a Socotran origin and we believe the Socotran variety to be different than the one found on the mainland. Our trees have near round leaves that feel soft and slightly pubescent.  This is an impressive landscape or potted specimen for warm climate areas. It needs to be tried as an indoor plant but we suspect it would do well in high light areas. The root system is massive and extensive, so care must be given not to plant this tree near homes, pipes, or sidewalks. This is a very beautiful species that stands out for its uniqueness from most other ficus. Socotran figs are rare in cultivation  and we  can only offer limited numbers annually. 

Socotran fig

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