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Extraordinary Plants is the impassioned project of two plant afficionados with over 50 years of combined experience growing rare and unusual species.

Like many plant enthusiasts, we were getting bored with the standard fare found in most commercial nurseries.  There were so many amazing plants to be discovered and to introduce in the commercial trade.. We also had an interest in what we call 'investment plants': species grown in pots so as to be transportable that increase in value with age .


For this reason we have focused on pachyform succulents, atypical bonsai candidates, ficus species ( we have over 40), plant oddities and species at risk of disappearing from the trade.


Because of our interest in naturalistic terrariums for displaying plants, frogs, and various reptiles, we offer an ever-increasing selection of plants for these kinds of setups.




We are a wholesale nursery located in Southern California and are not open to the general public. 
To visit or pick up an order, call : (760)497-3759
To receive our price list. 
Minimum order: $200.00



What are your delivery options?

We are located in San Diego county, CA. 

We can offer delivery to some parts of Southern California, 

See Contact information (More icon above) for any inquiries

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